Sunday, July 15, 2018

Emeco 1006 Navy Chairs

I recently listened to a 99% Invisible podcast all about the Emeco 1006 Navy chair.  The podcast is titled "77 Steps" because it takes 77 steps to build one of those chairs.

When I was listening to the podcast, I knew exactly what they were describing.  Maybe I'm odd, but I knew that chair.  I've always liked that chair.  I've sat on them in offices.  I never knew the chair's name, and I had no knowledge of the amazing history of that chair.

Just a few days after listening to the podcast, I went to Zion National Park where I stayed at the Desert Pearl Inn.  I was surprised to find that they have replaced the plastic chairs in the guest rooms with Emeco 1006 Navy chairs.

These chairs cost $560 retail.  For one chair.

I want one of these.  However I can't get myself to pay that much money for a chair.  I guess I shouldn't be too impressed because my local McDonalds also has the same Emeco 1006 Navy chairs.

I still want one.

Here's a link to the official Emeco website for the 1006 Navy chair.

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Joe said...

I love those chairs. Didn't realize they were so expensive. I found what look like "knock-offs" online. I wonder how well the knock offs are built and if you can easily spot the difference.