Sunday, June 24, 2018

Button Mountain

I hiked Button Mountain in the Mojave National Preserve.  It's a cinder cone on the eastern edge of the lava fields.  This cone has the highest elevation of all those I've hiked (1409 m or 4623 ft) and is the only one with a name.  Here's a google map centered on Button Mountain.

This is an easy hike.  Although it's one of the more difficult cinder cone hikes I've done in the area.  I chose to walk up the old mining road.  The last section of that road, up to the summit, is steep and covered in loose rocks so each footstep can result in slipping and falling.  Still, it only took 20 minutes to reach the summit.

The next shot looks at Button Mountain from the saddle, halfway up the mining road.

Here's the last stretch up to the summit.

Looking from the summit down toward my car.

The view north shows Clark Mountain in the distance.

This might be the actual summit marker.

It was a great day for a hike.  The weather was nice: calm and clear with temps around 80F.  I didn't notice any rattlesnakes this time.  Yay!  I did, however, experience some muscle cramps and my knee collapsed once.  It did that many times during the next few days, causing me to see the doctor who told me that I have MCL and LCL injuries.  So I haven't been hiking lately.

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