Thursday, June 28, 2018

Black Tank Corral - Mojave National Preserve

After hiking Button Mountain, I drove the 4wd trail south to meet up with Aiken Mine Road.  This is the first time I've driven this short trail.  It's pretty rugged.  Probably the most rugged major trail in the Mojave National Preserve that I've ever driven.  But to put it in perspective, I didn't have to get out and recon any part or move any boulders.

The 4wd trail passes by the Black Tank corral site where local ranchers once gathered their cattle.

The rugged section of road is south of the corral and crosses the lava flow.  The area is covered with thousands of years of blowing sand, leaving the tops of lava rocks sticking up from below.  This section of the trail is circled in the image below.

My method was to pick a safe line and drive at a slow and steady pace, rolling over the rocks.  Afterward, I inspected my tires and found no noticeable damage.  There were plenty of rub marks, but no punctures or chunks of tread missing.

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