Sunday, October 22, 2017

Petroglyphs Near Halloran Summit

A small collection of petroglyphs is located about 10 miles north of Baker, CA beside I-15.  They're on large boulders below a bluff just south of the Halloran Summit exit.  Here's a google map centered on the area.

It's an easy walk from the powerline road, less than 0.25 mile.  You can also drive the 4wd trail right to the location.  The only hard part is finding where the trail hits the powerline road.

The bluff above has the remains of an airmail navigation arrow that I visited in June.  Here are some photos of the rock art, in no particular order.

This website also has photos of the glyphs.  They show more markings than I have found, so I'll return some day to look for more.  Here's a view from GE showing the location.

The start of the 4wd trail looks like this.

It's to the left of the power pylon.

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