Friday, June 16, 2017

Overland Expo West

Last month, I drove to Flagstaff, AZ for the Overland Expo West event.  I attended last year and it was fun.  This year they changed the date and venue.  The new date coincided with the local university graduation ceremony so all the hotels were booked when I tried to reserve a room back in January.  I finally found a room in one of the cheapest hotels in town.  meh  It's a room.  No bedbugs.  No snakes.  Can't complain.

The new venue is the Fort Tuthill County Park, a few miles south of Flagstaff.  It's much larger than their previous setup at Mormon Lake.  Large enough that I actually got tired walking across the place.  At least there's plenty of trees and shade so resting was easy and pleasant.  

I was surprised to see so many people walking around with gyro-stabilized camera rigs.  There appear to be a lot of overlanding vloggers.

Here are some of my photos.

The spicy BBQ vendor returned this year.  My favorite.

I was puzzled at the roof-top tents on some of the huge overlanding vehicles.  Maybe that's where the kids sleep?

I like the custom expanding roof/tent on this Jeep.

This trailer tent expands to provide tons of space.

Now I've seen it all.  A rooftop tent with AC!  I imagine the efficiency is bad with the thin tent walls.  I wonder if the AC compressor runs so much that it has a shortened life span.

I like the wheels on this truck.  I could have dedicated many posts to just the wheels on the various vehicles.

I was able to visit with Andrew St Pierre White.  He's a popular overlanding personality and has been producing videos for years.  Here's his youtube channel.

I stopped to watch some of the attendees driving the Land Rovers on their off-road course.  This one got the shiny new car high-centered within 30 feet of starting out.

The goal on this course is to get a low time.  You are penalized 5 seconds each time you hit a white pole.  I overheard one man telling the LR rep that he just wanted to get a better time than his wife.

BF Goodrich also offered rides in trucks on their own 4wd course.

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