Saturday, June 24, 2017

Airmail Navigaton Arrow - Quail Creek

This arrow is north of St. George, UT on an uplifted ridge line (named the Harrisburg Bench) overlooking the Quail Creek Reservoir.  Here's a Google map centered on the arrow.  This was beacon 38 on the Los Angeles to Salt Lake City route (CAM #4).

I originally planned to drive the 4wd trail to this one, but ended up walking the route.  I began by walking up the start of the trail to see how difficult it might be.  Four wheel drive trails in Utah tend to be more difficult than those in California, and many 4wd enthusiasts in Utah have heavily modified trucks.  I wanted to see if this trail was super hard and if there was room to turn around if needed.  Before I noticed, I had already walked up the entire route.  In the end, I could have driven this trail.

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