Monday, June 26, 2017

Airmail Navigaton Arrow - Mormon Mesa Near Mesquite, NV

This arrow is a short drive off I-15 ten miles south of Mesquite, NV.  Here's a Google map centered on the arrow.  The road was surprisingly easy.  I imagine the only people driving it are visiting the arrow site.  There aren't any signs and I almost made a wrong turn.  I didn't realize how short the route was.  The arrow is only 1.7 miles down the road once you leave the highway. 

This is beacon 32 along the Los Angeles to Salt Lake City route.  The site is pretty remote and desolate.  

The arrow seems to point to no place in particular.  The CAM 4 route map indicates that the next beacon is just across the state line in AZ.  I can't find any more information about that site (32A).

There's a bit of debris in the area.  Some of the metal pieces might puncture your tires.  

I took care to avoid those when turning around.  In fact, I took an obvious loop used by other visitors to turn around.

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