Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Grand Tour

I like Top Gear.  I watched that show as soon as I could find videos on YouTube.  I bought almost every DVD they sold in the US.  The new version with Matt et al is still finding its feet, but it's still worth watching and it's getting better.

I watched The Grand Tour opening episode with great expectations.  It was good.  But I didn't think it was as good as many claimed.  Honestly, the opening scene across Rabbit Dry Lake was dusty, washed out, and monochrome to the point of being distracting.  And I imagine the DP (Ben Joiner) is wincing at the horribly back-lit presenters in the tent.

Episode 2 of The Grand Tour was fantastic.  It was 10 hundred and 150 times better than the first episode.  I laughed out loud.  A lot.  That was a terrific use of the Tom Cruise movie trick.  I think I need to watch that movie they mention: Cocktail.  It must be good.  Maybe I can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


If you have 2 rats (a breeding pair), then in one year you'll have roughly 15,000 rats.  That explains a lot.

The war on rats has taken an interesting turn.  We might just win.  It seems some smart people in Arizona have come up with a product, resembling a pink milkshake, that makes rats sterile.  They started with mice.  Then wild dogs.  And finally rats.

The company is named SenesTech.  I learned about this from The Guardian's Audio Long Reads podcast.  If you prefer to read, then here's the article from The Guardian.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Smoking Tire

I've been listening to The Smoking Tire podcast with Matt Farah and his gang.  It's pretty entertaining.  

Matt now writes for The Drive and in his recent article about Land Rover Defenders, he praises their off-road capability after having ridden in one during a safari vacation in South Africa.

I especially like a quote near the end from the South African safari guides...

"You buy a Defender so you can get it fixed anywhere; you buy a Land Cruiser so you don't have to fix it in the first place."

Saturday, November 12, 2016


Maybe I'm a luddite.  I recently stumbled across Casey Neistat's youtube channel.  The guy's pretty good at this stuff.

I think part of what makes him so popular is his upbeat demeanor.  He's friendly, open, polite.  He's not putting on pretenses.  He also has high energy and is always moving.  People like those things.  These are things that we all aspire to.  He's also talented at video editing.

He's quite popular and it looks like half the people in NYC recognize him.  He got a lot of coverage for his post about this gratis airline seat he recently snagged.

It's an amazing world we live in, when you can make a fine living posting videos to Youtube.

Of course, I'm dull and boring and I'd starve if I tried that.