Saturday, October 08, 2016

Teutonia Peak

I returned to Teutonia Peak, near Cima Dome in the Mojave National Preserve.  Reading the information on summitpost made me realize that I have never been to the true summit.  So I thought I'd try again.

[now for the excuses]  I haven't hiked or run in a long time, so this was more of a fun hike with a vague goal.  Yup, that means I didn't reach the true summit.  I got closer.  According to the Google Earth plot, I got pretty close.

I knew I missed the mark when I stood atop a rock and noticed that taller rocks were on both sides of me.  Problem is, the GE image indicates that the actual summit is south of where I stopped.  However summitpost indicates that the highpoint is on the "Central Summit" and that was just north of where I stopped.  I was trying to reach that from a notch just south of there.

Adding to the puzzle... the highpoint mark in Google Earth is south of where I stopped, not on the central summit north of my end point.  Bob Burd's photos from his hike of Teutonia indicate that the summit is south of where I stopped, consistent with the mark in Google Earth.  In particular, he posted this photo facing north from the summit.

In Bob's photo, I can clearly see the boulder where I stopped.  I circled it.  Here is one of my photos taken while standing next to that boulder.  

Just for completeness, here's my photo looking south toward (what I now know to be) the summit.

I'm pretty certain that I was south of the "central summit" as labeled in the panorama photo posted to summitpost.  Here's that photo from summitpost.

And here's the photo I took of the same ridgeline, with my route drawn onto it.

On my next visit I'll hike a bit further south along the east side of the ridge and choose another route up.  The next photo shows the route I'll try.  Happily, it matches the photos of the route described on summitpost.

I think the route described on summitpost is probably the correct route to reach the highpoint.  However the highpoint is not on the "Central Summit" as labeled on the panorama photo, but is instead on the "South Summit".

I'll try again and find out.

ps: I'm not linking to the NPS website for the Mojave National Preserve because they now throw interstitial popovers in front of site visitors.  I despise that practice.

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