Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Progeny Peak at Zion Natl Park

Recently, a visitor to my blog asked if I had a GPX or KMZ file for my Progeny Peak hike.  I didn't.  However, since I was about to visit Zion NP, I decided to hike Progeny while I was there and record the route. 

I've hiked all over Progeny Peak (aka Peak 6275) over the years.  Here are my earlier posts:  

I eventually found an easy route to the top.  That's the one described in the top link, and that's what I'm showing here.

The KML files are posted in a zip file to my google files folder.  You can download that zip file here.

My most recent hikes up Progeny have been up the south ridge.  That's a much harder route.  

This easy route begins by parking in the paved turnout and hiking up the wash.  I prefer to stay a bit high on the left side, to avoid the dryfalls in the wash.  Within 5 minutes you can see the base of Progeny and the route you'll follow.  

You can see the arch circled on the right.  That's also a relatively easy route, but I prefer an easy ramp to the left.  

Just aim for that ramp and make your way up the slickrock.  Here's a photo of the ramp from its base.

I had to skirt a small group of bighorn sheep.  They kept a close eye on me as I hiked up toward the ramp and beyond.

After reaching a somewhat flat area above the ramp, this is the view looking back down toward the road.

My route heads toward the summit and a nearby group of trees.  This is a landmark for me and helps me orient.  I actualy hike right through those trees.

Beyond the trees, I turn right and traverse across a sandy area to get around steeper rocks.

Then I turn left and traverse up to a wide flat shelf.

That shelf leads toward a shoulder with large trees that provide a shady spot to rest before walking up to the summit.  I leave my backpack there in the shade, and pick it up on my way back down.  The summit is just 5 minutes away.  The route makes a traverse across the back side of the summit and ascends some natural steps.

Here's a shot looking back at the spot below the trees where I left my backpack.

Don't go too far around the back of the summit.  Start hiking uphill as soon as possible.  But be warned, the slope on the west face of the summit is covered with large slabs that move when you touch them.  Hiking that is like rock-surfing.  I've done it a few times and it's not enjoyable.

I didn't find a summit register this time.

It takes me about 45 minutes to reach the summit if I stop to take a bunch of photos on the way. 

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Noa said...

Hi Michael,

I was the visitor who asked you about a GPX or KLM trace for Progeny Peak (with the easiest route)! :-)

Many thanks for this new post and the zip file !
This help is very much appreciated ! :-)