Sunday, September 04, 2016

My New Car

I finally got rid of my Land Rover LR4.  I wanted to buy a used Mercedes G-Wagen but was unable to find any that were satisfactory after searching for many months.  It's not a surprise since very few of those are sold in the US.  It makes sense that even fewer would be on the second-hand market at any given time.

I ended up with a 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser.  I wasn't looking for a new one, but I got a great deal on this because it was a dealer demo model with 3500 miles on the odo.

For what it's worth, these are the things I wanted my next car:
  • is very good off road with decent ground clearance and approach/departure angles
  • has a fixed suspension height
  • is reliable
  • has plenty of interior room (enough to sleep inside if needed)
  • doesn't cost too much to maintain
  • has a naturally aspirated engine
  • comfortable while driving long distances on the highway (heck, I drove over 2,000 miles just last week)

I spent a lot of time shopping and considering all the factors I could think of.  There were no perfect choices.  While both the LC and the G-Wagen are famous for their off-road capabilities, both were going to require lift kits to get decent ground clearance. 

I've taken the LC out a few times on some easy trails in CA and UT.  While I still haven't tried all the fancy off-road systems, I'm pretty sure that I'll be happy with this rig.

For those of you who noticed that the pictured car doesn't look quite stock: I'll explain in the next post.


Joe said...

Congrats! Great choice on the LC. What kind of modifications are you planning?

Jacob said...

Great choice! I've never owned the particular car you have, but I've always loved my Toyota cars. They are so low maintenance and I never had to take mine in except for a tune up. I probably would have chosen a different color but to each his own.

Keep us updated on how it works on long distance trips!