Wednesday, September 07, 2016

2016 Land Cruiser Ground Clearance

I decided to measure the ground clearance of my new 2016 Land Cruiser.  I made 3 sets of measurements: after I bought it (factory), after I mounted larger tires, and after I had the lift kit installed.  The measurements were made with no cargo in the car, on a flat hard surface, and with very little tire wear.  These are not high precision measurements, or even highly accurate.  I simply used my Stanley tape measure.

The results are not surprising.  The larger tires raised everything as expected.  The OEM tires are 285/60R18 (31.5" diam) and I mounted 275/70R18 (33.2" diam), so that should raise everything 0.85 inches.  For anybody without a favorite, I use the site  The 2 inch lift kit raised a few areas but did nothing for the rear differential (duh).

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