Thursday, June 02, 2016


I watched a very interesting documentary titled Brexit The Movie.  I recommend it to anybody interested in the subject.  Be warned, like all material on the topic, it is biased.  I have my own biases and they can't get past the idea of surrendered sovereignty.  Regardless, I learned a lot about the EU and how it works.  And more ominously, how unaccountable it is.  All legislative powers reside in the hands of unelected commissioners.  Wow.

This thing, called the EU, would never be tolerated in the USA.  At least we hide our industrial protectionism with a thin veneer of democratic participation.  The EU seems like a European version of China's central planning system.

Switzerland is showcased as an example of prosperity without EU membership.  They are one of the least regulated economies in the world, and one of the riches countries in the world.  And if they implement the UBI, they may become one of the most popular countries in the world.

Even if you're against the Brexit, I encourage you to watch the video.  You're bound to learn something.  You can watch it on their official web page or here's the link to watch Brexit The Movie on Youtube.

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