Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Bane of Popovers

I wish there was a search engine that lets me filter and see only those sites that do NOT shove popovers in my face.  I would use that search engine exclusively.  Blocking visitors with popovers is a horrible practice.  There is no equivalent in the brick-and-mortar world.  Imagine you were shopping at Macy's or Home Depot and every time you arrive, or you cross into another section of the store, an employee steps in front of you and demands your attention.  They intentionally block your access and prevent you from doing anything until you perform a magic dance or sing a specific song.  It takes little imagination to see how that would end.

I use multiple ad blocker plugins and still can't stop the popovers.  I have stopped visiting sites that shove popovers at me.  I've removed them from my bookmarks.  All of them are hawking commodity content.  It's all available from their competitors.  The only "value add" they can offer is improving my customer/visitor experience.  So it's strange that they choose to do the exact opposite.


Joe said...

Some of the ad blockers are taking money from certain advertisers too, which makes it worse. I personally recommend uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger. Between these two, I rarely get a popover. I'm thinking about moving from Chrome to Brave, which is based on Chrome, with ad blocking built in. I've heard that is the best experience to date when it comes to intrusive ad blocking.

Michael said...

Thanks for the tip. I was about to switch to Chrome, but instead I think I'll look into thie Brave. Never heard of it. But I can remedy that.