Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Keeping Cool

I want to buy a cooler.  I've never owned a real one.  I have 2 small things that I use for keeping drinks cold on day trips.  They are small and don't perform well.

But my new diet is hard to satisfy while camping, without a cooler.  So I began by doing some research, admittedly, from a single source.

My requirements don't match theirs, since I don't do real overlanding - being away from ice for many days at a time.  In my past adventures, I've always had access to ice every 2-3 days (worst case).  A decent cooler will give me the luxury of not truly needing to get fresh ice very often.  

At first I liked the Esky Series 55.  But then I read some negative reviews on Amazon.  Plus, it's awefully expensive.

After that I was leaning toward the Yeti Tundra; either the 45 or a smaller 35 model.  I looked at some at REI.  Not being accustomed to these high-end coolers, I was surprised at how small the interior volume was for their exterior size.  The Yetis are also pricey.  I'm not sure I need to spend that much on a cooler.

I returned to the internet to learn more.  There's gobs of sites with reviews and comparisons of high-end coolers.  I'm not including links because I'm guaranteed to piss off somebody by not including their favorite, or by including the ones that are lame.  You can google as easy as I can.

After more research, I am now leaning toward the Canyon Coolers Outfitter 35.  I want a white one.

This cooler costs more than $100 less than the Yeti 45.  In the Expedition Portal testing, the Outfitter 35 performed practically as well as the Yeti.

Now I'll think about it for a bit and see if any new thoughts come to mind, while reviewing my cooler use-cases.

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