Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Overland Expo

I'm going to the Overland Expo this coming May in the Flagstaff, AZ area.  I've never been.  The description sounds interesting and I'm sure I'll enjoy it.  Although, Andrew St. Pierre White's youtube video from last year's expo showed the cold rainy and snowy weather that settled upon the event.  He said that 40 vehicles had to be pulled from the muck by a military vehicle.

I'm not a true overlander.  But I'm also not a true off roader.  That's reserved for the brave people who drive modified rigs over scary rugged terrain.  Heck, when I visited Moab a few years ago, I had a hard time finding trails easy enough for my taste.

I do like to spend days at a time living out of my car while driving extremely remote unmaintained "roads."  Maybe that's overlanding in the US.  To me, it's just a more interesting route than the interstate highway.

If you were planning to attend and haven't registered yet, then I suggest getting to it.  Several of the classes I wanted to attend are already full and are waitlisted.

After the expo, I'll head north into Utah and do some hiking.  I might take my chances at the walkin permit lottery for The Wave.  I hiked it back in 2005 and subsequently failed to win a permit on 3 other occasions.  I want to hike to the dinosaur footprints on the butte to the west of the Wave formation.  Regardless, I'll eventually end up at Zion National Park.  Any reader of my blog knows that I like visiting that park.

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