Friday, March 25, 2016

2015 LR4 Oil Change

My previous 2008 LR3 came with 3 years of free oil changes.  My 2015 model only gets one oil change.  I decided to change it myself.  The new car doesn't have a normal drain plug and you don't have to remove skid plates to change the oil, so I wanted to see how easy or difficult the process is.

I used the procedure described by Umberto Bonfante in his youtube video.  I'm glad he shared that.  It was very helpful.  Here's a similar procedure described on an LR forum.

I bought the LR recommended Castrol Edge 0w20.  The price was very low at Walmart.

Below is the procedure that I followed.  I wrote down Umberto's procedure so I could have it with me in the garage on my iPad.  This is so I wouldn't skip a step.  I tend to skip steps.  I'm not a person you want performing maintenance on a submarine, unless you have an assistant following me around to ensure I don't skip a step.  That's one of the lessens learned by a US Navy sub captain as told in this good book: Turn the Ship Around.

Tools Used:
  • oil   (8.5 quarts, 0w20, Castrol Edge synthetic)
  • oil filter
  • filter wrench adapter
  • torque wrench
  • extension for torque wrench
  • mityvac pump
  • funnel
  • rags
  • bucket to place dirty filter

1. Remove plastic cover from engine top.

2. Loosen oil filter:  4 full turns

- helps the oil to evacuate
- use the torque wrench + extension + filter adapter

3. Prep the mityvac pump

- find the black tube end-piece: 
1-side fits the end of the big tube
other side fits the (smaller) tube in the car oil fill hole

- close the pressure relief valve on top the pump
metal lever

- set the Evacuate / Dispense Switch
short cylinder on side of pump cylinder
switch operates up/down large buttons on top/bottom
evacuate = down position

4. Remove Oil Filler Cap

5. Attach the small end of the black mityvac tube fitting to the central tube in the oil filler hole

- might need to push hard

6. Connect other end of mityvac tube to the pump

- make certain to press it all the way in, so it doesn't leak/spray when pumping

7. Begin pumping

- about 10 - 12 pumps to start the oil flowing

8. Leave it alone - let the oil flow out

- it should take about 10 minutes
- you'll see no oil in the plastic tube when done
- pump a few times to be certain

9. Disconnect hose from the engine

10. Remove Oil Filter

- unscrew filter housing by hand and lift out - flip over, watch for drips

11. Replace Oil Filter in the Housing

- pull the dirty filter out of the housing (yes, you'll get oily)
- clean interior of housing with a rag
- remove old o-ring from housing (might require a screwdriver or other pry tool)
- carefully install new o-ring in its place
- insert new filter into housing
- use clean oil to lightly oil the o-ring & smaller gaskets on the end of the filter

12. Install New Filter

- hand tighten
- tighten using torque wrench: 25 Nm (18.5 lb-ft)

13. Add Clean Oil

- use funnel
- add 8 quarts
- cap it

14. Check Oil Level
- DON'T START ENGINE (foot OFF brake)
- press Start button
- press right arrow on steering wheel
- select Service Menu / Oil Level Display
- might read: overfilled.  don't worry.  reading will lower after engine runs

15. Start engine and verify no leaks

- run the engine for a few minutes, then turn it off
- let the engine sit for 20+ minutes, then check the oil level again
- if needed, add a bit more oil, then return to step 14

16. Replace Plastic Cover on Top Engine

17. Clean Up

18. Pump used oil into jugs

19. Clean any spills on pump exterior

20. Dispose of used oil and filter

Here are a couple photos I took.

Afterward, I decided that I liked this procedure.  It was simple and straight-forward.  It didn't take very long either.  I reset the service indicator by following this procedure.  Oddly, my car never displayed "SERVICE RESETTING", however the process did supress the indicator I was getting (a short text message about service required in X miles).


Chris Lewis said...

I have to tell you, I've enjoyed reading our blog. I just ordered my 2016 LR4 HSE (in Montalcino Red no less!) from Anaheim Hills Land Rover and came across your blog while researching some self maintenance issues like oil changes. I don't plan on being an aggressive "off roader" with it but do plan to get off the beaten path with it and on some light overland type expedition driving. Some back country camping, exploring, and the like. Nice to see that some people actually buy these Land Rover LR4's recognizing their DNA is as an off-road vehicle and not just some soccer-mom shuttle or status symbol. Please keep sharing your experiences with your LR4 as your blog, and choice of reading material, are right up my alley.

dave said...

hello fellow '15 lr4 owner - which mityvac did u use? i have a similar pump i have used for about 10 years on my other vehicles, but there is no tube that ightly connects with my pump. looks like i will have to purchase a mity but there is a standard and plus. thx in advance.

Michael said...

Dave: I have the "Plus" model. It says MV7201.