Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Terrafirma Rock Sliders Paint Peeling

The paint on my Terrafirma T818 Rock Sliders is peeling.  Only on the ram direction surfaces, where the sliders would be struck by sand and grit from dirt roads.

I installed them in March of last year, so less than a year ago.  And in the last year I didn't drive off road near as much as I normally do.  I had applied the Gtechniq Exov2 coating to the longitudinal tubes, but I don't think I applied any to these short cross-members.  My bad.

I'll try to paint them up a bit before it becomes noticeable at eye level.  This time I'll top it off with Exo or clearcoat.  I need to make the rover look nice if I want to sell it.

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