Sunday, December 06, 2015

Cadiz Dunes

It was sunny yesterday at Cadiz Dunes.  A bit cold, but sunny.

The dunes are only about 10 miles south of Route 66 off Cadiz Road.  Unfortunately, that 10 mile section of Cadiz Road contains more washouts than any other section.  A few of them are pretty bad and other drivers have created alternates around the worst parts.  You need high ground clearance to safely drive down that road.

The 2 mile spur out to the dunes was a bit sandy, but not too deep (less than 5 inches outside the ruts).  If you go here, then just drive fast.  Remember: momentum is your friend.  Right up to when it abruptly introduces you to a big creosote.

Here are a few photos I took.  I'll skip the many I took of fresh animal tracks in the dunes.  I got distracted by those for a while.

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Drew Van Lahr said...

I drove Cadiz rd from 62 to 66 about 2 weeks after the bug washout. The section north of black Rock mine road us definitely the worst. I was planning a trip out there and wanted to see what the latest was. Definitely packing recovery gear for this. If you come from the south, damage is virtually non existent. At least it was last time