Thursday, October 29, 2015


I removed Adobe Flash from my computers many months ago.  I don't miss it.  Apparently, it's not important to my online life.

It really bothered me that Adobe was constantly releasing "critical" security patches.  This is not a good thing.  But deeper than that, I'm bothered with the whole business model for Flash: middleware that allegedly improves the user experience in order to make life easier for developers (ostensibly to enable and encourage more developers to produce rich content for the underlying OS).  I agree with Steve Jobs' complaints about Flash.  I think that Flash impedes the users' ability to experience native functionality that might be far superior to their middleware compromises, that it impedes the OS developer's ability to service their customers' needs, that it introduces untold security flaws and prevents the OS developer from rapidly protecting their customers.  All of these are a burden on the users and OS developers that profits Adobe and prevents the users from having the best and safest experience.

I'm living a Flashless life and I'm happy for it.

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