Monday, September 14, 2015

LR4 Hood Sensor

Many visitors to this blog are here to research how to stop their alarm system from sounding randomly and reporting (erroneously) that the hood (bonnet) is open.  This is a common glitch with several Land Rover models, including LR3, LR4, Range Rover Sport, and even Range Rovers.  The culprit is a low cost micro switch that's located in the passenger-side hood latch assembly.  The switch goes bad and reports that the hood is open when it isn't.  I've posted several entries about this problem (this one has photos), and have described 2 ways of fixing it: (1) replacing the switch, and (2) shorting the circuit.

I don't know if the problem still persists or if it affects the 2015 model year.  I decided to buy a replacement sensor for my car, just so I'd be prepared.  (Plus, I like to figure out how things work.)

My previous posts were about my old 2008 LR3.  I checked my new car and discovered that the 2015 LR4 is slightly different.  Different enough that my previous instructions aren't accurate.  The 2015 model lacks the small plastic tabs to press and release the sensor/switch from the latch assembly.  The older part number (for my 2008 LR3) is LR041431 (previously LR024358).  

That part won't work on the 2015 model.  The sensor on the 2015 model is integral to the latch mechanism and doesn't separate.  It's glued into it.  The part number for the 2015 LR4 is LR054331 / LR065340.  You can see from the images below that the new model doesn't have the release tabs that I described in an old post here and is bolted onto the chassis.  Here's the new sensor:

I haven't tried installling it yet, but it looks like it will be easy.  Here's the procedure that appears to be required: 

Step 1.  Open the hood.
Step 2.  (optional)  Remove the grill for improved access.  It's super easy.  There's even illustrated instructions in the owner's manual.
Step 3.  Use a Torx T30 driver to remove the latch mechanism assembly.
Step 4.  Disconnect the electrical connector on the back side by pressing the tab on the connector.
Step 5.  Remove the hood release cable.
Step 6.  Set aside the old latch assembly and grab the new one.
Step 7.  Insert the hood release cable into the new latch.
Step 8.  Connect the electrical connector.
Step 9.  Mount the latch assembly with the same T30 bolts.
Step 10.  Reinstall the grill (if you removed it).  I have removed the grill, so here are some installation tips:
a) Line up the black plastic pins that insert into holes near the headlamps.
b) Push forward to insert the top tabs.  
c) Press to expand the top tabs to ensure that they properly fasten.  Lift each tab if needed.
d) For each of the 2 inserts at the bottom of the grill: press firmly and sharply to snap them into place.

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