Thursday, June 11, 2015

Oboz Switchback - My New Hiking Shoes

For a few years, I've been wearing Salomon XA 3D Ultra 2 trail shoes on light warm weather hikes.  Their soles are sticky enough to handle the steep sandstone slickrock of Zion NP as well as the steep granite domes at Yosemite NP.  Well, they were sticky enough.  They're quite worn down now, to the point of being dangerous.  I was tempted to get some Salewas, but then came across Oboz at a little shop in Springdale, UT.  I'd read good things about the Oboz Sundog so I tried them on.  Wow, those are very comfortable shoes.  I would have bought them, except they had a lot of torsional flex.  That's not something I like when scrambling on boulders.  

The Switchback is equally comfortable, but has a stiffer sole.  They didn't have a size that fit me well, so I ordered them online.  I normally wear a size 10.5, but that was a snug fit with street socks, so I need a size 11 with hiking socks.

I've only worn them around the house now.  I'll try them on a hike soon.

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