Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Honeymoon Trail Down the Hurricane Cliffs

During my drive across NW AZ, I took a short detour to check out a trail that descends down the Hurricane Cliffs.  This is a short section of the famous Mormon Honeymoon Trail located off Route 1015 at the UT-AZ border.

This trail is included in Massey's trial book (Hurricane Cliffs Trail) and has a difficulty rating of 6.  That's higher than I've ever driven, so I wanted to see exactly what makes it so hard.  The book says the difficulty is from an off-camber section near the top.  

Here's a view of this section of road in Google Earth.  The yellow circle marks where I was taking photos.

I took several photos, although the slope never seems to come across on photos.

It doesn't look too bad, but I wouldn't want to drive it.  I should have used my iphone inclinometer app to measure the slope of that off-camber incline.  Maybe I'll do that next time I pass that way.

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