Monday, June 08, 2015

BLM Maps

About that map I included in the previous post...  I wasn't planning to use that map.  

Originally, I wanted to grab the .gpx file from my Garmin Nuvi and then load that into Google Earth so I could grab a screenshot of the route in GE.  That failed because I was unable to mount my nuvi to my computers, so I couldn't download the .gpx file.  

Then I wanted to make a map by grabbing a Google map and drawing my route using Acorn, like I normally do.  That failed using several mapping websites because I ran into 2 big problems:  (1) you must zoom in a lot in order to see the small roads I drove, and that would force me to grab many tiles and then create a mosaic,  and (2) some of the roads I drove are not shown on all the mapping web sites.

So, I decided to simply hilite my BLM map and take a photo.  These BLM maps are great.  They show all the roads.  This can be very helpful if I were to run into problems out there: washed out roads, bad weather, closed roads, roads too difficult for me, mechanical trouble, health problems, etc.  Seeing the alternate roads gives me more options if I need to change my route due to any surprises.

I bought these at the Zion National Park visitor center a few years ago.

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