Sunday, April 05, 2015

LR4 Has a New Spare Tire Winch Control Boss

The spare tire winch control boss on the 2015 LR4 is different than on my previous 2008 LR3.  On the 2008 model, they used a hex head sized to match the lug nuts (22mm) so you could use the lug nut wrench from the OEM jack to raise and lower the spare tire.

On the 2015 LR4 they changed this to a loop end and you use a hook bar provided with the OEM jack to raise and lower the spare tire. 

I suspect that this change is intended to prevent damage to the winch that occurs when people used pneumatic drivers on the previous hex head.  The manual warned against this practice.  One of the reasons is because using a pneumatic driver will run the spindle faster than desired and the cable will not play out properly when lowering.  Another reason is because when you turn the spindle without any load on the cable, then you risk causing the cable to get tangled inside the spindle housing.  Using a pneumatic driver increases the likelihood of this happening.

With my 2008 LR3, I was always careful with the winch, but mine still failed.  I showed here how easy it was to replace.

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