Friday, March 06, 2015

My New Car: Land Rover LR4

I've been a bit busy lately.  The new car arrived.  A 2015 Land Rover LR4.  

I placed a factory order this time so I could avoid the heated windshield.  I really do not like the embedded heater wires in the laminated glass.  I'm sure they're fantastic in cold climates.  But in the desert southwest they're just annoying.  I never learned how to ignore them in my own vision, and my cameras would often focus on them and not on the distant objects I wanted to photograph.  To avoid this item, I had to exclude the Cold Climate Package, that also includes heated seats.  That's fine because I never used that in any of my cars.  They're popular, but I must be weird because I don't like it.  It's like sitting on a frying pan.

Factory Configuration:

HSE trim package
HSE is now required to get the xenon headlamps (and they are amazing).

Heavy Duty Package
Includes 2-speed transfer gearbox, locking rear diff, and full sized spare.

Vision Assist Package
Includes xenon headlamps, surround cameras, backup camera, and more.

Black Design Package
Just cuz it looks cool.

I chose the Black Design Package with 19" wheels.  I considered going with the custom 18" wheels from Compomotive that other LR4 owners have bought.  But to save costs for now, I'll use the OEM wheels.  I can always migrate to Compomotive later (hopefully).

I bought the dealer-installed accessory called "Underbody Protection".  This is their version of a front skid plate.  It's a thick aluminum design.  I'm still deciding if I should paint it black.

I'm trying something new for protecting the finish, and I'll describe that in a separate post.

My first priority is to remove the running boards (a mandatory feature with the 2015 model year) and install my Terrafirma rock sliders.


Newton said...

When I bought my Land Rover LR4, I did the same thing. I think it was 12 hours later that I had my rock sliders installed. Other than that, this thing is a beast. We use it for camping up in the mountains, and we have slept inside a few rainy nights with no complaints at all over the years.

Newton @ Fiesta Nissan Santa Fe

Faiza Shafi said...

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