Monday, March 16, 2015

LR4 Oil Changes

The 2015 LR4 does not have the standard oil drain plug.  And the oil filter isn't mounted on the bottom of the engine.  It's on top.  There's also no physical dip-stick.  I think they started this around MY2013.  Here's a photo of the top of the engine.

And here it is with the plastic cover removed.

The cover comes off very easily.  It's soft-snapped onto the plastic spheres and "C" shape parts mate with 2 posts at the rear.

Here's a photo showing the oil filter location.

Removing the oil filler cap reveals a central tube that runs to the bottom of the oil sump.  

LR4 owners change their own oil by first pumping out the oil through that central tube using a MityVac pump.  I'll order mine soon.

Here's a very helpful youtube video by Umberto Bonfante.  He lives near me, but I've yet to meet him, or even see his rig.  I learn a lot from his posts to the various Land Rover forums.

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