Wednesday, March 18, 2015

LR4 Battery

I noticed something different about the battery in the 2015 LR4.  It has an extra wire.  There's a wire in a black plastic flex conduit with a red angled jack connector.  It sticks into the side at the top of the battery.  This makes me wonder if, when it comes time to replace the battery, i'll need to find a battery that supports this odd feature.  

I'm afraid to disconnect the wire for fear it services something important like the vehicle security system or the stop/start system.  I haven't found anything on google about this, but that's because the things you'd search for (battery wire red top) will generate a ton of results that are not about this.


Snafu 77 said...

It's been almost a year but in case you never found out, that cable isn't a cable. It's the new vent tubing that most car batteries have now. They're supposed to be replaced when servicing or replacing the battery. They cost a few dollars. They allow the hydrogen and other gases to be vented out of the engine compartment and diminish those old warnings of hydrogen explosions due to lead acid batteries. Also needful for newer autos with the battery under the front passenger seat.
You'll see on the side of most new batteries a tiny hole where the tube fits in.

Michael said...

Thanks for the fine explanation.

Indeed, I had figured it out. I just get lazy and don't post as often as I ought to. On the topic of batteries, I have also found the aux battery that is reportedly used by the ECO stop/start system. I have not disconnected it to permanently turn off the stop/start feature, as some have described on LR forums.

77Snafu said...

Just wanted to help if I could. Great site. I appreciate seeing what others are doing with their LR4s especially when they have taken plunges I haven't gotten around to yet like your sliders.
I dont blame you regarding the stop/start. I wouldn't want to mess up anything electrical. Had about 4 years with that nonstop on my wife's cars. Just learning how not to damage AGM batteries and add a second battery has been enough for me.