Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I'm trying some products from Gtechniq to protect my new Land Rover LR4.  I've never used their products before, so I'm hoping it works out well.  A few of their products require extra care during application.  But that's fine for an OCD nut like me.

The North American distributor for Gtechniq has been out of stock of the Exov2 product for a very long time, so I bought that from online retail shops in the UK.  Gtechniq is a UK company.

These are the products I'll be using:

I am applying C1 to all metal surfaces including the A and B pillars, as well as the headlamps and tail lamps.  This fancy sealant is supposed to last much longer than wax or other paint sealants.  The Gtechniq website indicates it lasts 3 to 5 years.

I'll post photos of the C1 application later.

I plan to apply Exov2 to all the metal surfaces including the A and B pillars - as an outer coating on top of the C1 sealant.  The black plastic trim pieces will also be treated.  I emailed Gtechniq and the confirmed that it can be applied to those plastic bits.  Like C1, the EXOv2 product lasts a long time: 12 to 18 months according to the web site.

I'll post photos of the Exov2 application later.

The LR4 has lots of glass, and I used G5 on all of it.  G5 appears to be a soft liquid wax product, although the Gtechniq site does not say this.  It goes on, dries, and comes off exactly like other liquid wax products I've used.  I'm eager to see how well it holds up and how long it lasts.  The website indicates that it lasts up to 3 to 6 months.

I am applying L1 to the arm rests, high-wear areas on the front seats, and the rear seat pans.  I like that this product is not designed to "feed" your leather.  Gtechniq understands that your vehicle leather came with a protective coating that simply wears out over time.  L1 adds more layers of protection.  This makes sense to me.  L1 is reported to last 3 to 12 months.

I first tested L1 on a 2nd row headrest.  I wanted to see if it caused any changes in color, luster/finish, odor, or anything else I might not want.  The test went well and I decided to use L1 as outlined above.  Leather interiors in my cars have shown the most wear in only a couple areas: the driver seat (especially the front and left edge of the seat pan), the armrest, and the top of the center console.  Obviously, these areas have the most exposure to people.  The top of the center console on my new LR4 isn't leather.  It appears to be vinyl.  This is a surprise because it was leather on my 2008 LR3.


Grant Eaton said...

Now that it's been a year, would you recommend using any of these products? Were they worth the application effort?

My LR4 is at the detailer getting a front-end wrap in Xpel Ultimate. I've used 3M film in the past with good success to prevent rock chips, so I'm a fan of them, although 3M turns yellow with age, so I wouldn't use that brand again. I decided to splurge and get the OptiCoat also. It's a ceramic coating that goes over the clear coat and the Xpel. (YouTube videos of OptiCoat convinced me it'd be a worthwhile investment to help keep the paint clean and new-looking.) Not sure what to use to protect the leather so was curious if that L1 has helped keep your arm rests looking new.

Michael said...

At this point, I would not do the Gtechniq again. I just finished buffing off the blemishes of cured residue and it's a step I'd like to avoid in the future. Although ... having said that, I'd probably try to apply OptiCoat myself if I ever get that. It looks like a decent product. An authorized detailer in my area charges $1200 to apply it, not including any prep work like paint correction. I've not heard of it being applied atop Xpel. That's interesting. I'll have to google to learn more. I haven't decided what I'll do to protect my next car's finish.

As for the Gtechniq L1 leather product... I don't have good data on its performance. I only applied it to small areas. My arm rests have not shown any discoloration or hard glazing or cracking or anything else. L1 may have helped to keep them clean, but I can't say for sure. I clean my armrests and seats regularly with warm water to avoid accummulation of any grime. Sorry I can't be any more help there. I also use Zymol leather cleaner because it's mild and doesn't make the leather shiny or attract dust.

Michael said...

While buffing the car, to remove the C1 residue, I noticed something. The areas I polished were darker and had a much improved shine. It was apparent then that the Gtechniq products had faded a bit. This is over one year. It wasn't noticeable before because the whole car was treated with Gtechniq. As I continued buffing, the fading was obvious. After polishing, the car returned to its original deep red.