Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Flu

By the looks of the CDC map, the nation is largely sick.  I sure have been.  For 20 days now my infection has visited all over my respiratory system.  Each time I think it's gone, it pops back up.  Starting as a scratchy throat and then a cough.  It gave me the joys of acute bronchitis for a while before adding my sinuses to its conquered lands.  I'm now down to just a nagging cough.  I think it's almost gone.


Justin Lowery said...

This is so ironic, I just came to your site while doing research on the Cadiz Dunes as a potential landscape photography location for later this week, and now I read your sickness post. I'm exactly in the same situation as you! Same symptoms, and now I too am at the nagging cough stage. My sides hurt from all the coughing! Crazy stuff.

Michael said...

You'll enjoy Cadiz Dunes. It's nice and remote. Great in early morning and late afternoon light. Be careful along Cadiz Road. There's one particular washout that they never seem to repair. I've smacked the bottom of my car a couple times in that same washout.