Monday, December 29, 2014

Meme's Cafe

I've eaten at Meme's Cafe many times.  They're starting to recognize me.  It's in Springdale, across the street from the Shell station, and next door to Sol Foods.  Their food is quite good.  It's surprising to find good BBQ and teriyaki, at a French-themed cafe that specializes in crepes, in southern Utah.  

The teriyaki chicken rice bowl has fresh vegetables and homemade teriyaki sauce; not that mass-produced syrupy stuff.  Their beef brisket and pulled pork are both tender and tasty.  Their chicken and turkey plates have real meat, none of that flash-frozen pre-formed junk that's popular in tourist towns.  And the servings are large.

I haven't yet ordered a crepe.  I assume they're good because I saw a small boy (about 5 years old) announce loudly to the waitress that he loves it and he wants to return and order the same thing.  His face was covered in chocolate.  Speaking of kids, they have a neat sign hanging on the wall.

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