Sunday, December 21, 2014

Land Rover Hood/Bonnet Sensor Switch

The vast majority of visitors to my blog are looking for information about replacing the hood/bonnet sensor switch on Land Rovers.  My old posts were for a 2008 LR3, but I think the information can apply to many models.  Those switches tend to fail causing the alarm system to think the hood has been opened, and so the alarm goes off. 

I noticed that the links in my posts are old and invalid.  So I decided to dig up information and links for the required replacement switch.  I have another motive also.  I'm buying a 2015 LR4 and I want to buy a few of these switches so I'll be ready for the inevitable failure.  It's super easy to replace.  The most annoying part is the embarrassing alarm activations.  In addition to the normal garage and parking lot activations, mine would go off at night when I was camping at Zion Natl. Park.  I'm sure I annoyed many other people in the campground.

Over the years, Land Rover has been assigning new part numbers for what appears to be the same part.  The latest part number that I found is: LR041431.  At around $40, it's more expensive now, but still pretty cheap.  Atlantic Pacific sells them here.  Amazon is offering them from a NJ seller.  You can find others by googling the part number.

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