Friday, December 05, 2014

Hiking On the Bottom of Ant Hill

Ant Hill is a prominent peak on the east side of Zion NP.  It's labeled peak 6641 on USGS topo quads and doesn't have an official name.  It's located just east of Progeny Peak.  Here's a google map centered on the peak.  The photo below was taken from the top of Cockeye Falls.

I decided to explore the south buttress and avoid the scary upper section.  Here are a couple views from Google Earth with my GPS route shown.

I've been looking at this hill for years each time I hike past Cockeye Falls on my way to/from Lost Peak or The Triplets.  The slickrock slope on the south side is just a tad too steep for my taste.  The steepness of those slopes can be seen in the photos posted by 13ergirl.  Routes up the south slope are class 4 and easily become 5, so I chose to hike around the west side.  My route was class 3.  Here are a few shots along the way.

After about 45 minutes I made it to the top of the south ridge.  I found a nice spot to sit and rest while enjoying the view.

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