Monday, August 11, 2014

PCT South of Walker Pass

Here's a walk I took this summer to escape the heat of the city.  This is a section of the PCT south of Walker Pass.  My hike coincided with the northbound passage of many PCT hikers.  Here's my track in GE, looking south.  

I'm posting this for readers who might be interested in an easy hike in the southern Sierra mountains where the air is fresh and you can't get lost.  The PCT crosses Highway 178 at Walker Pass where there's a large pullout for hikers to park.  Just start walking north or south and turn around wherever you like.  It's nicer than the crowds and smog of the city.

When I did this hike, the cicadas were out bringing the forest to life with their eerie buzzing.  The trail was littered with their emergence holes.  Several of them startled from nearby bushes and flew right into me.

I spent 4.5 hours on this pleasant 12 mile hike.  I didn't quite make it to McIvers cabin.  The weather was great.  No flies.  No rattlesnakes.  A nice way to spend the morning.

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