Thursday, July 03, 2014

Zion: Ridge East of Many Pools Canyon

On a recent trip to Zion NP, I explored the ridge east of the Many Pools hike I described in the previous post. 

I entered from the canyon to the east of Many Pools.  Advanced hikers can easily combine this with a hike of Many Pools by hiking up/down the slickrock on the east side of Many Pools canyon.    First I explored the area for possible routes up to the back side of South Ariel Peak.  This is visible in the image of my route in Google Earth.  

You can see that it's quite steep there.

Then I walked up an inviting sandstone slope to the ridge.

The next photos looks south from the top of the ridge and shows in the distance (left to right) Nippletop, The Fin, The Triplets, and Lost Peak.

I encountered a small group of 5 bighorn sheep.  They kept their distance as I descended.

Later, I came upon a group of 7 bighorn sheep.

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