Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Cady Peak

I almost hiked Cady Peak last weekend.  I was exhausted and I turned back before I even started climbing the actual peak.  I hiked for 1.5 hours crossing 3 miles of the open desert up a long wash.  It was a seemingly endless uphill slog.  I still enjoyed the hike.

Cady Peak is located in the Mojave Desert east of Barstow.  I was using information from Bob Burd's site.  He's a very active hiker and seems to have hiked almost every hill around.  I often find his name on the summit registers.  He does a pretty good job of describing his hikes, so I recommend his site for those interested in hiking in the mountains or deserts of California.  Just remember: he's a very skilled and fit hiker.  When he says it took him 1 hour to reach a particular waypoint, I know it will take me 1.5 hours.

It's not a sandy wash.  The photo above is looking toward the peak from where I parked.  Here's a shot looking south east toward Broadwell Dry Lake.  Four years ago, in this very area, I almost stepped on a horned sidewinder rattlesnake.  

Another shot looking toward the peak.

Springtime brings new life to the desert and my boots had a nice dusting of pollen.  There were also a lot of bees.

This area had some nice shade.  It's easy to walk up the white colored rocks at the back of this gully.

I stopped and turned back here.  This shot looks up toward the summit.

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