Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Streamlight Lantern: The Siege

I decided to upgrade my camping lantern.  I just bought the Streamlight LED lantern named The Siege.  For years, I've been using a rechargeable Coleman model that puts out 190 lumens and lasts for 15 hours.  The Streamlight is smaller, waterproof, impact resistant, brighter, and lasts longer.  All in all, it should be an improvement.

The Siege has 4 C4 LEDs and 3 brightness settings with 340, 175, and 33 lumens.  It uses 3 D-cell batteries and is supposed to last for 30 hours on the brightest setting.  There's also a red LED giving a 10 lumen red light or red SOS flashing mode.  The black parts are a rubberized tacky material, including the bottom.  That makes it easy to grasp and helps it to stay put on a table.

I did a completely non-scientific test of the relative brightness of these two lanterns using an iPhone app named Light Meter in a dark room.  With each set to high: the Coleman had a brightness of 1600, and the Siege had a brightness of 6800.  The readings were changing wildly and so the results are probably useless other than to confirm what my eyes already saw: that The Siege is brighter than the Coleman.  I just wanted to use that app.

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