Monday, March 24, 2014

Rodman Mountains Microwave Towers

If you visit the Rodman Mountains petroglyph site and are sad that you didn't get to exercise your vehicle's 4wd off-road abilities, then you can try this diversion.  A few miles south of the glyphs is a mountain high-point with many microwave towers on top.  This google map is centered on the peak.  The road to the top even appeared in my GPS navigation system map.  When I drove it a few weeks ago, it was a bit rugged.  There were a few large boulders on the road that I had to get out and move.  One very large embedded boulder is painted green to get your attention, so you don't hit it (because it is not going to give way).  I never had to use low-range, but it was in first gear most of the way up.

Even though it was super windy on top, it was worth the drive.  Nice views in all directions.

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