Sunday, March 30, 2014

One Summer

I just finished Bill Bryson's new book, One Summer - America 1927, and I really liked it.  If you have any interest in history, then you'll probably like it also.  The book is all about notable people and events that took place in the US during the summer of 1927, including: Charles Lindbergh's flight across the Atlantic as well as his victory lap of the country afterward, Al Capone, President Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover's rise through government, the beginnings of Mount Rushmore, prohibition, the first talking pictures and Al Jolson, the invention of TV, the seeds of the stock market crash, widespread flooding of the Mississippi basin, Jack Dempsey, Babe Ruth, and more.

It rambles a bit, the way Bryson tends to do, jumping around from thread to thread and back again.  That doesn't bother me as much as it does some people.  I listened to the audiobook, read by the author.  If you've got 17 hours to kill (maybe a string of long airline flights), then this is perfect entertainment.

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