Sunday, March 16, 2014

Morris Peak

A few weeks ago I hiked Morris Peak with Luke.  It's my first hike this year, so I picked an easy one.  We started from Indian Wells Canyon to the north.  I like the 4wd roads in that canyon.  I also like the brewery at the bottom of the canyon.  Here's a map of our route, thanks to my Garmin fenix GPS watch.

The weather was great.  No wind.  Temps in the 70s.  It took us much longer than the expected 3 hours because we are not in good shape.   Our hike began near the base of a ridge.  The view from there looking down Indian Wells Canyon is really nice.  You can see the Five Fingers rock climbing formations on the left.

From there we hiked cross-country up the rocky ridge to meet up with the PCT.

Some of it is a bit steep.  The dirt is loose and most of the rocks move when you step on them.

The PCT section is much easier.

We never found any marked point to leave the PCT and head up to the summit and our gps trail shows us ascending a less-than-ideal line.  There were a few spots of snow.

Here's a view of Mt. Jenkins summit taken from Morris Peak summit.

The view east from the summit.

All was going well.  Then on the return, about a half mile from the car, bad things happened.  Mistakes were made [by me].  I fell.  More than once.  Unpleasantness ensued.  Blood loss was minimal.  There were many bruises.  And not just to my ego.

So here's what happened.  While hiking down yet another field of rocks, my ankle turned and I fell head first.  I fell to my chest, sliding down the rock field.  I should have worn hiking boots with more ankle support, instead of trail shoes.   Both arms were pinned by my body and the trekking poles that were pinned between rocks.  I actually needed help getting upright.  I was rewarded with many abrasions on my arms, legs, and chest.  Two of my fingertips had small punctures and were spurting more blood than I would have imagined.  I was lucky.

I learned that I need to periodically replenish the band-aids in my first-aid kit.  Almost all of the band-aids in my pack had open wrappers and weak adhesive.

I wasn't too injured to stop at the Indian Wells brewery on the way home.  

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