Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ericksen Dry Lake

Located in the middle of nowhere, SSE of Barstow, CA, Ericksen Dry Lake is not a place you visit accidentally.  You have to want to go there.  The 4wd roads in the area aren't very difficult and they're all signed with BLM route markers.  This google map is centered on the playa just south of Ord Mountain.

I was out driving 4wd trails and utility service roads to gain familiarity with my new car.  I started out on a really fun little powerline service road (BLM route 7381) between Daggett and Highway 247 (Barstow Road).  I highlighted that road in the map below.  If you've got some time to kill, I recommend this road.

Then I returned east on BLM route 6640, which is mostly very easy.  I think the road is also named Ord Mountain Road.  The big kiosk sign called this area the "Ord Mountain Subregion."

There's one big steep hill.  Here's a photo looking down from the top.  It's not so bad.  An alternate offers an easier way around the hill.

I turned south on route 6635.

There were several modern mining claims.

Looking south toward Ericksen Dry Lake.  The granite hills to the southeast of the playa offer wind protection for several attractive camping sites.

I continued south and then turned west on a big powerline road.  I found some smaller trails that were interesting.  This big boulder is located on the north side of the powerline road named BLM route 6600 at this spot.

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