Friday, March 14, 2014

Brannigan Cabins

On a recent trip to the Mojave National Preserve, I decided to visit the Brannigan mine cabins.  They’re tucked out of the way off the Mojave Road, a very popular 4WD trail.  I’ve driven by the turnoff many times, but never taken the turn to visit the site.  This google map is centered on the cabins.

As I was arriving, a large group of 11 Jeep Wranglers were headed out after camping at the cabins.  The road is a little rough.  After it turns left in what looks like an “S” on the map, it heads up a small hill and gets a bit more rugged.  After that it’s easy on to the cabins.

The cabins are maintained by a 4x4 club and are in very good shape.  There's quite a bit of space.  Plenty of room to lay out several cots and sleeping bags.

The toilets even have a view.  Albeit, not a super nice one.

It's a twin toilet design, like at the Sochi Olympics.

There’s a much nicer view looking west from the fire pit.  In the distance, I can see the tops of Cowhole Mountain and Cave Mountain.  I’ve hiked Cowhole once and Cave many times.

I didn’t stay long.  I was stopping off on my way home after camping in the Granite Mountains on the south side of the preserve.

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