Friday, June 07, 2013

Separation Peak at Zion National Park

On my last trip to Zion NP, I decided to hike up Separation Canyon to Separation Peak.  I read about this hike on Joe Braun's web site.  

Here's a small water hole full of tadpoles.

I came across two small groups of young bighorn sheep.  They didn't stick around for many photos.

It's a nice short hike, and an easy way to reach a place where you can catch great views to the south toward Parunuweap Canyon.  Joe is right about the challenge facing anyone wanting to get to the very top.  I hiked almost all the way around the summit block, but didn't find an easy way up.  Skilled rock climbers would have no problem.

On my next trip I hope to return in order to walk over to "Lonely Peak" that sits south of Nippletop.  Here's a google map centered on Separation Peak.  The route I took is shown below.

This last photo shows the view north toward the road.

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