Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kokoweef Peak

I finally got around to hiking the famous Kokoweef Peak that sits atop the legendary river of gold.  If you've got some time, then follow that link and read about the fortune in gold that is rumored to lie in the black sands in an enormous subterranean cavern.  Here is a google map centered on Kokoweef.

I parked along the road at the base of the north ridge, and then just hiked up that ridge line to the summit.  

It's a short hike with plenty of things to grab your attention, including some holes dug by modern prospectors.

It took less than an hour to reach the summit.

The next photo looks to the south west, showing Cima Dome, Teutonia Peak, and Striped Mountain.  The top of Kessler Peak is also visible above a closer group of hills.

Here's a shot showing the Molycorp rare earth elements mine at Mountain Pass on the left, and the Bright Source solar energy project at Ivanpah Dry Lake.

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