Friday, May 31, 2013

Kern River Pipeline Road

Returning from a recent trip to Utah, I decided to take a scenic route.  I drove a long section of the Kern River Pipeline service road.  It also services several high power transmission lines and long-haul fiber optic cable trenches.  

This section parallels I-15 from the south west corner of Utah toward Las Vegas.  In years past, I've driven other sections of the Kern River Pipeline road from Primm, NV to Barstow, CA (see here and here and here).  The section I drove on this trip is highlited on this map.

I was very surprised at how easy this drive was.  I never had to raise the suspension above normal height (7.3 inches of clearance) and it didn't require 4wd.  That is not the case for the stretch from Primm, NV to Barstow, where both high clearance and 4wd are definitely needed at times.  I was worried about this gully when I saw it in Google satellite imagery, but there was an obvious road across the wash.

The pipeline along this section is comprised of two 36 inch diameter steel pipelines.  The entire system carries 2.17 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day.  The initial lines were constructed in 1991.

Other than the normal pumping stations and L3 network repeater stations, there were very few structures.  Here's one that looked interesting.

All in all, it was a pleasant alternative to the highway.  The only unpleasant part was the very washboarded Lytle Ranch Road off Utah's Old Highway 91.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting info. I just drove I-15 south the other day. I use to work for Gas Transmission NW, now part of TransCanada Corp. I saw pipeline markers along the I-15 drive, and was wondering which pipeline ROW I was seeing...Now I know.