Saturday, May 11, 2013

Desert Drive

A couple weeks ago I went for a drive in the mojave desert.  My first stop was to hike to the Cow Cove petroglyph site and explore the adjacent areas looking for more glyphs.  I found a few more, but I've decided to not give the exact location in order to help protect them.  People with a sincere interest can similarly explore the nearby rock formations and find them.  

Here's a snake I almost stepped on.  It was sunning itself on the path to Cow Cove.  Apparently, it's called a Mojave Patch-Nosed snake.  Neat.

Heading back toward Baker, I decided to venture off I-15 and explore some areas on the NW side of the highway.  In particular, I drove BLM routes on both sides of Turquoise Mountain.  

I wanted to visit a low mesa I saw in Google Earth (here's a google map centered on that mesa).  I saw trails in the satellite imagery, and was surprised to find almost all of them displayed on my Garmin Nuvi map.  After taking the Halloran Summit exit, I just kept following the Carsonite signs until the trail got pretty rugged.  As it was, I had to get out and move a couple 16" diameter boulders from the road.

I hiked to the western edge of that mesa.  Here's a photo showing the high point to the south.

Here's the top of Turquoise Mountain from that mesa vantage point (and my camera's 12x zoom).

Later in the day I was driving some trails on the west side of Turquoise Mountain and here's a shot taken from that side.

I hiked Turquoise many years ago.  More accurately: I drove up to the tower facility and walked up a very short trail to the summit marker.

Before I returned to Baker, I had to pull off a powerline service road to let a short caravan of trucks pass.   

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