Monday, April 15, 2013

LR3 Hood Sensor

In response to a request from a commenter to a previous post, I'll post some photos I took when I installed a new hood sensor on my LR3.  Like many others, the alarm was sounding randomly due to an intermittent failure of the microswitch in this sensor.  The hood sensor is attached to the passenger side hood latch.

To release the sensor, you need to press on some plastic retention tabs that are accessible via small holes on the front face of the hood latch.  Just press with the end of a screwdriver.

The next photo shows the sensor and the two tabs mentioned above.

The wires connected to the sensor can also be easily disconnected.  It's just a bit harder to reach behind the sensor.  Press down on a small plastic tab on the connector and pull away from the sensor - toward the engine.

I hope that helps others a bit.

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rebecca s said...

Michael - thank you for the pictures. Would you mind terribly explaining what you did once you removed the sensor? I am in the process of ordering a new sensor because I have the same alarm problem (randomly going off). I am just not sure what to do once I get it in the mail. Thank you.

Michael said...

Rebecca: Thanks for the question. I hope I can help a bit. It's really surprisingly easy to swap out these things, once you know the steps. Don't let that make you feel dumb if it seems hard. I fumbled for weeks until I figured it out from text-only posts to rover forums.

Here are a few more of my previous posts that help a tiny bit. This post has a few more photos and a link to where I got the replacement part (no longer links directly to the part) and an update with a l ink to another supplier. And this one has a photo of the sensor part alone.

Here are some steps that outline the process.

1) press those plastic tabs and pull the sensor down from the latch assembly
2) press the tiny tab and disconnect the wiring connector

Now you have the broken sensor in your hand. It's pretty simple. You can operate the switch with your hand. I tested mine with a DMM/continuitiy tester and it worked intermittently. So ... it was broken. You don't have to test yours. I was just curious. They're cheap. Just replace it.

It's pretty easy as it comes with no extraneous stuff to remove or otherwise prepare for installation. It arrives ready to be installed.
1) press the new sensor upward into the latch assembly until the plastic tabs catch (it doesn't require a lot of force and it's easy to check since you can see the tabs)
2) connect the wiring connector - it will snap into place as the plastic tab snaps into the latched position

That's it.
I hope that helps. If I missed the mark, then please let me know where I can shed more light.


Brian S. said...

Awesome! Thanks so much for the detailed pics and help. I have a 2008 LR2 and was able to jump my connector with a paperclip just now and I think I'm just going to leave it. It seems to tight in there to fiddle around with replacing the sensor.

Anonymous said...

Like I saw on another post, do you really need a sensor to tell you when your hood is open? Take that connector off and jump the connector with a piece of wire then tape it up. Just did it. Works as advertised. I'll be sure and remember to close my hood next time I pop it. Independent LR mechanic wanted 60 something for the sensor and 120 for the labor, no thanks.

Michael said...

I agree. That's why my first solution (which I used for a while, until I replaced the cheap switch, was to short out the circuit with a bit of wire. Glad you found an answer.