Sunday, October 21, 2012

Horse Canyon

Last week I drove up Horse Canyon to escape the heat.  It's located north of Mojave, CA in the southern Sierra Mountains.  Here's a google map centered on the area.   The road is steep and rough in places (high clearance required) and leads up to the ridgeline where an old microwave tower station is situated.   Pine trees provide plenty of shade for several primitive camp sites.  The McIver 4x4 trail starts at the microwave towers and continues another 4 miles along the ridge to a dead-end.  The trail is maintained by the Gear Grinders 4x4 Club and is moderately challenging in places.   The most difficult sections have easier alternates around them.

I didn't take photos since this was a return visit.  This time I decided to record a short video of the descent back down the canyon.  If you're afraid of heights, then you probably should not look down while on this road.  The road's in great condition.  The only real danger is from falling rocks, washouts, or an earthquake.

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