Sunday, September 09, 2012

San Joaquin Ridge Trail Revisited

While camping in the Mammoth Lakes area last month I drove the San Joaquin Ridge Trail again.  This is a short (2.5 miles 1-way), fun and scenic trail.  It's also not well known, so the hikers along the way are always surprised to see a vehicle on the trail.  Here's the post from my previous trip.  

There are a few embedded boulders and tree roots in the trail, so high clearance helps.  Otherwise it's pretty easy.  On this visit, I hiked out over the saddle of Deadmans Pass.  

The beginning of the trail is not well marked.  Just drive up toward the Devil's Postpile NM and the Minaret vista turnout.  Right before the parks service booth for entering the Devil's Postpile area, turn right into a small dirt parking area.  The trail begins as an unsigned trail at the northern end of that dirt parking area.  About 30 to 50 yards into the road, there's a sign indicating it's open to 4wd and other vehicles.  

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