Saturday, September 29, 2012

Progeny Peak Revisited

On my last trip to Zion NP, I hiked Progeny Peak again.  Gene joined up with me in Zion so this time I could get him to the summit of Progeny.  On  a previous trip years ago, we tried to hike it from the back side.  That was a fun hike, but we didn't reach the top.

This time I took what I call the grandpa route; an easy class 2 walkup that skirts the class 3 sections that are steep or where the rocks move under your feet.  For example, this photo shows the southern side of the summit.  I hiked up that on a previous trip.  It's not so bad, but several of those large rock slabs near the top move when you step on them.

I was surprised to find the large stone altar on the summit had been demolished.  That's probably for the best.  I posted photos of that in this past blog entry.  Unfortunately, we couldn't find a summit log/register.  Here's a photo of the summit.

Afterward, we hiked Nippletop where Gene summited and I chickened out on the high-exposure crux near the top.  Gene is a rock climber, so it was easy for him.  I'll try again next week, without him coaching me: "Just grab this with your left hand and put your right foot there." and me saying: "Are you insane?"

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